Composition as Exploration

This is a Hybrid Media Composition that utilizes animation, sound, and source text, to Form-Shift Gertrude Stein's 1925 Essay, "Composition as Explanation," from its text based form into a visual and sonic medium.


A video project based around a snapshot from a 1990's Abu Dhabi apartment, October 2015


A Soundscape inspired by the Tower of Babel composed for 8-channels, May 2011. Co-Composed by J. Martin Daughtry & Diana Chester

Sound Map of the Islamic Call to Prayer

An ongoing project of mapping sound recordings of the Adhan from mosques around the world

Kafka's Beetle

This short film documents the sculptural upcycling of electronic refuse from a an Abu Dhabi building in line to be demolished.

Everyday Life: A Repertoire of Ritual and Performance

A Collaborative Exhibition with visual artist Dhanaraj Keezhara that explores Caste Marginalization and Theyyam, December 2014

Sonic Storyboard: The Call To Prayer

An Interactive exhibition that explores the sonic nuance of the Call to Prayer, Abu Dhabi May 2014

Sound Toys, Monster Machine

A home brew sound machine made using a microcontroller with Arduino programming and several potentiometers.


Destination Somewhere

A Video Project created for live global telematic collaboration with 5 geographies, December 2012. Co-Composed by Diana Chester & Daniel Carbone